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    the slayage 


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    Friend, no matter what season you are in today, God wants you to bloom right where you are. That doesn’t mean you’re going to always be in that situation. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream big or plan for the future. It simply means that you are going to choose to be your best on the way to where you’re headed. It means you go out each day with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. It means you give God glory in everything you do. Always remember, bloom where you’re planted and let Him work in and through you all the days of your life!


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    Why can’t there be a male hooter’s equivalent where male servers are shirtless and highly sexualized for their bodies and looks

    Male Strip clubs. You’re thinking of male strip clubs.

    No. Not a male strip club. A strip club is a strip…

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    look at that cute bun!!!! so adorbs!!!!

    I love it!

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    Let’s get minimal, minimal, I want to get minimal. 

    Rap name literal icons. Scroll slow and see if you can tell who the rappers are before you see their names. 

    See the whole list here. 

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  8. "Take your selfie, let the world know you look/feel damn good today."
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    1 character, 19 drawing styles challenge! This took a long time, but I’m pretty happy with it - I recommend looking at all these artists’ original work if you like any of them.

    Love this! And I’m really flattered to see my style represented so nicely!

    i absolutely LOOOVE THIS

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